Pricing Changes

For years I have offered power supplies at a price that cant be beat Through my outstanding customer support from prospective buyers like yourself I have been able to have more purchasing power and get units cheaper and I passed the savings on to you. Unfortunately this past year I have assumed more responsibilities with my business and in my personal life.This business is my lively-hood… My 9to5. I couldn’t have made it this far without the countless customers that took the chance on buying my product in the very beginning. Lately my prices have been trending downward and my customer base has grown to expect a sale every few weeks. I ran these sales because I had obligations that needed to be met in a short period of time. They will wait for me to have said sale and I’m having to work harder and move more product to make the same money needed for me to stay afloat. It seems like I’m selling a lot but In reality I’m losing profit and it makes it increasingly hard to offer my customers new and fresh product options. To alleviate this I have to go back to my original pricing structure. This price structure was based roughly on the total wattage of the unit and dividing it by 2 and adding a 0. So $35 for Regular Units and $40 for Internally Modified Ground Isolated units since there are a few extra steps involved that takes up production time. The power supplies will always have one regular unit for the first unit and every unit after the first will be Ground Isolated and the price scales up from there. There will be a fixed shipping fee. I use Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail. You can do your own calculation on cost here. Calculate Postage. My zipcode is 30168. My website will always be 10% cheaper than eBay due to me not having to pay ebay fees. With the increased prices this will allow me to have the capital that I need to increase my product value even further by offering such things as longer power cords as a standard options, PVC Heatshrink, Fan Grills, Binding Posts,Voltage Indicators, Current Indicators, Variable Fan Adjustment, Automatic Fan Adjustment, Dongle,and Adapters. I’ve done my research and I’ve found my prices to still be very competitive with other vendors that do power supply conversion with similar or different units of various shapes and power outputs. If you are all about saving money and getting the best bang for your buck Im still your best bet.  I still do encourage you to shop around for the best bargain but I feel that you are already at you destination.


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